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Hey peeps!! Welcome to KillerPink!!!! BEWARE OF THE EXTREME PINKNESS!! lol. Anywayz, there isn't alot on the page right now, but hopefully.. it'll be up and runnin' soon ^.~;; If you ave any ideas for me.. please email me by scrolling down to the email tab. Feel free to look around and enjoy your stay ^^
Here you can find out about my newest character, Natashi.. she is named after.. well.. yeah.. named after Natashi Chan (The most cool and kawaii gurl in da world ^_^;;) A Picture and Biography of Natashi The Hedgehog will be added soon ^.^;;



30/08/02 Ohhh! Not fair! Back to school in 1 weeks time *cries* ._.; School = boring, boring and did I mention boring?

I'll get this page updated soon and hopefully, it will be up and running. If you have any ideas for the page, click 'Mailbox' in the Menu. n_n;


09/09/02 Yup yup! I've just started me new school! It's OK, I suppose :/ Anywayz, I have added sum new pagies, but most of it is under construction x_x;; Hope ya like the rest of da updates which arn't under construction!! O.o;;


11/09/02 Anniversery of da Twin Towers today ._.;; Well.. not much updates today.. just some awards added. ^_^


13/09/02 Friday the 13th 2day.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! I didn't have any bad accidents but my friend did! She hert her back, she dropped jelly down her front, she got lost around my school, turned up about an hour late for gym class AND she tripped up on a stone! Wot next?! O_@;;
17/09/02 YIPPEEZ!! Some more updates 2day! I've added a copyrights page plus copyrights, lol! Remember, any ideas for the page please click 'Mailbox' in the menu and -mail me your ideas! ^.~;;
30/09/02 Alot of updates!! My birthday in 25 days!! YIPPEE !! I'll be 12 !! My b-day on 24th of October !!!! Hope ya like the updates any how ?! *_*;;

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