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Amy~Rose History
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13 years ago, on Little Planet's Green Hill Zone, a pretty little pink hedgehog was born, guess who it is yet? Yup, yup.. lil Amy Rose. ^_^
Amy Rose, or, Amy as everyone called her, was born a special gift, that no-one on little planet had. She could read Tarot Cards, and tell Little Planets future. I kept them in a small box, which I was given as a gift when I was young.
Little Planet is a tiny planet that revolves around Mobius. Little Planet is where the special jewels called 'Time Stones' are hidden. Now, what are Time Stones you ask? Well... They are jewels which can alter time, and when the do, it changes everything around them! Little Planet appears over Never Lake on the last month for 30 days every year!
When I was born, I had brown eyes, pink fur and quills (I still have pink fur :P) As I grew older, my quills got longer and started to hang down a little (A little bit like Sonic's!) *claps hands excitedly* They really started to annoy me, but guess wot? Out of the blue I found this really nice red headband so I thought, "Just what I need!" So I put it on and it really really suited me ^^ It held back my quills which was good, but it also made me look really cool!!
I wore a light green top with a orange skirt, and a pair of purple trainers with orange laces to go with it!! That was my style... about... *thinks* ..7 years ago!?  :B
One day, I was just sittin' around, not really doin' anyfing, when suddenly, a small red and yellow mallet appeared in front of me, completely out the blue!!
I didn't really know wot 2 do with it! :P So I just was playing about with it when I had a great idea! I could use it as a protection thingy... a weapon!! So I carried it in my pocket wherever I went, the next fing I found out was that I was a magic mallet, I is a quick learner ^_^;; Teehee. Well.. first I found that whenever I hit something or swing it, a bunch of pretty pink hearts would trail out of it <3 but only for 2 or 3 seconds! :( lol!! But guess wot? Only I can make the hearts come out, no one else :D!!!
Wot? My parents? I don't have any parents *sighs* I is a orfan. -___-; No kids (at the moment, teehee) I wish I knew where they was... ;_;
One warm day, I was out in da field, I fink I was maiking a daisy chain..? Anywayz, suddenly, somefing grabbed me from behind, i turned my head, it was a blue robotic hedgehog. I screamed and yelled for help, I even tried to kick him, but I didn't do any difference. I panicked alot... I tried to get my mallet but I couldn't find it anywhere! Then, I saw this blue blur run at a REALLY high speed. I couldn't see wot is was coz it wassa blur O.o
The blur finally stopped, and then, I saw who it was... Sonic The Hedgehog! I heard of him, he was the hero of Mobius!!
He beated up the evil robot thing o.o and he rescude ME!! I is soooo lucky!!I had a really REALLY good look @ him and I instanted fell in love. I got so excited I ran at him, nearly knocking him over!! Oooo... he is soooooooo cute!! blue quills... green eyes... my kinda hedgehog. *giggles*
I begged Sonic to let me come wiv him on all his adventures, I also squeezed in that I had no parents and I had been alone all of me life!! It was so obvious that he felt sorry for me!! n_n; Then... he said YESS!!! I cuddled him soo hard he probably couldn't breath, then Sonic took me to South Island, where he lived.
He met up with this massive ugly fat man called Dr Eggman! I'm guessing coz he looks like an egg!! XD
5 years past, god time does fly!! Anyways, I now live in my very OWN apartmaent, i a city called Station Square, on Mobius. I live right next to Emerald Coast, which is a real good fing! I love shopping at Station Square mall and chillin' on da beach.
I is part of da team now! I am now 14!! yayyy!! Teen already! :_:
I've grown more mature and have a brand new look!! I now where a crimson red sleeve-less dress with a white trim and collor, I have red boots with a stripe down the middle and a pair of white socks tomatch the dress, but I still have the red headband!! I still where the same gloves but i bought two gold bracelets which dangle on my wrists!! My eyes also turned green! I like them better this way, and, I had a quill cut, so they point down instead of all over the place!! I also know how to use my mallet properly, I can do the Piko Piko Hammer attack, and the Spin Hammer attack, which makes me very dizzy O_@;
I've gained more speed, thanks to my hard work! I also got another mallet not long ago, it's called the Long Hammer! It's much longer than my Piko Piko one and much more easy to use! Tikal gave it to me before my encounter with Zero ^^
Since I have no kids, I have made lots of true friends, and they are all like family to me. Oh! About me and Sonic, he still blushes round me! I'm still tryin to win his heart! We both go very well together right? RIGHT? thought so! n_n;
Gals! U better back off cuz I saw him first!! OK??! >/
Sonic... You will be mine one day!
Now me, Sonic, Tails and the rest of the gang are all defending Mobius. With me on the team, its much stronger and smarter. I can sweet talk meeh way outta fings. *giggles* I can give doose baddys a good boppin' or two if deh cum anywhere near me or my friends!! With us around, Mobius is safe from harm!! ^_^